How can I transform a Raspberry Pi into a smartphone?

What options as screens do I have?

There are already plenty of answer regarding to batteries in the forum. Like Battery powered Raspberry Pi or What do I need to know to power from batteries?

A cell-phone module on the top of it would also be nice, but mainly I have interesting in having a portable Raspberry Pi


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If you're looking for a portable computer, there are a couple of elements you need:

Screen Adafruit's PiTFT is a great 2.8" touchscreen shield and can even be bought with a fitting PiBow case.

Keyboard You can buy micro keyboards that have a laptop trackpad inbuilt, they're wireless too.

Battery While you could use a LiPo and a regulator, it's much easier to use a portable power bank or similar - they will come much closer to providing the ~1A the Pi needs.

That's the main bits, internet could be a little trickier but you could throw in a nano WiFi dongle.

  • If you do go with a power bank, make sure it actually bumps the voltage up to 5v - many don't since devices will charge just fine off of 4v. Aug 26, 2014 at 13:37

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