I've setup Bluetooth on my RaspPi and attempted to connect to my BlueSmirf from Sparkfun.

I can send text to my BlueSmirf from the RaspberryPi using:

echo "Testing" > /dev/rfcomm0

Now the red led on my BlueSmirf indicates its not paired with a device, only when I use cat /dev/rfcomm0 the raspberryPi will start a Pairing session with the BlueSmirf (and the led turns green).

I now can send and receive text from both sides, the problem is that I manually need to invoke cat /dev/rfcomm0. I would like that the RaspberryPi looks for my BlueSmirf at startup and starts a pairing session automatically.


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Ha found the solution, first and all in the rfcomm.conf set the bind option to no. this solves a lot of problems. Next you use the rfcomm command to start a connection.

For example: rfcomm connect 0 Will open a connection using the configuration of rfcomm0. You can send this to the background, so its always connected using the following command:

rfcomm connect 0 &> /dev/null 2> /dev/null &

To close a connection you use the following command rfcomm release 0


I've seen a new Bluetooth solution for our Raspis. There are 2 versions, you can find them here and here. Have you tried it?

I own a pub and I was looking for a contest using Bluetooth and mobile phones. I think this PRO solution can be great to manage the contest with my Raspi.

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