I'm trying to start tightvncserver but I can't get the service name right

I tried

service tightvncserver start


service tightvnc start


service vncserver start

but all i get is unrecognized device. i tried service --status-all but the tightvnc is not listed.

  • just enter tightvncserver in terminal or on ssh
    – Milliways
    Jun 17 '14 at 0:52

If you want to run tightvncserver then in the command terminal you would type in vncserver. I believe you may have to specify the port as well.

To do that you type in :

vncserver :1

where 1 is the port that you are going to use. I just stick with the default on mine. Are you looking have vncserver start up on boot? If so you need to add in a script that will run the server on start up. If you don't you will have to start vncserver each time the pi is restarted. I will look for that script and add it onto this answer when I find it. Hopefully that helps.

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