An idea just came to me, which I am not sure if any of you has done it. And if so, hopefully someone could share with me how I could achieve this.

I was wondering if I could set up a Raspberry Pi using either a micro SIM card that provide internet access like the ones they put in laptops?

In addition, if that's possible, does anyone know if it would be possible as well to make the Raspberry Pi to share internet connection like tethering? This way, let say, my cell phone can use the internet connection through it. You might say, why, because most of the cell phone can connect to intent par se. Again, I am just curious.

So, all in all, I was hoping to know if it is possible at all for a Raspberry Pi to connect to the internet not being at home (i.e. via a cell SIM card, etc) and share the intent with other wireless gadgets on the run.


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