I'm new to Raspberry PI and need help on this part as I need to write my temperature data to Windows Azure's Sqldatabase.

import smbus
import time
import datetime

#SMBus(0) - Raspberry Pi Model A
#SMBus(1) - Raspberry Pi Model B

bus = smbus.SMBus(1)

#I2C address of sensor
address = 0x48

def temperature():
rvalue0 = bus.read_word_data(address,0)
rvalue1 = (rvalue0 & 0xff00) >> 8
rvalue2 = rvalue0 & 0x00ff
rvalue = (((rvalue2 * 256) + rvalue1) >> 4 ) *.0625 #print rvalue1, rvalue2
return rvalue

print("Temperature Data Logger\n")

while True:

#Open Log File
now = datetime.datetime.now()
timestamp = now.strftime("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M")
outvalue = temperature()
outstring = str(timestamp)+"  "+str(outvalue)+" C "+str(outvalue*1.8+32)+" F"+"\n" 
print outstring

#log temperature every 60 seconds

I'm only able to write it out as text file but don't know how to write it to Windows Azure's Sqldatabase which I have created in management portal.

  • This answer suggests using pyodbc: How to connect python to SQL Azure?
    – scruss
    Jun 22, 2014 at 14:02
  • That link is for Windows and not from Raspberry PI Jun 24, 2014 at 6:18
  • On your raspberry, install freetds and pyodbc, then use connection string that @scruss mentioned. Jun 24, 2014 at 13:26
  • gurcanoztuk, could you guide me on what to type to install freetds and pyodbc cause I can't seems to find the package inside Raspberry Pi. Jun 26, 2014 at 12:54

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What have you tried? What have you searched for? Both freetds and pyodbc show up in any apt-cache search I care to do.

This might get you started:

sudo apt-get install freetds-bin freetds-dev python-pymssql python-pyodbc python-sqlalchemy tdsodbc unixodbc-bin unixodbc-dev

There's some possibly helpful discussion here: Connect to MSSQL using FreeTDS / ODBC in Python.

Are you familiar enough with Python's database management? I'd strongly suggest you try setting up something which talks to a local SQLite database before jumping into the hairy weirdness that is Azure. Otherwise, this just seems like we're doing your homework for you …

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