I accidentally broke my raspbmc distro by running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and managed to get it back to a useable state by running rpi-update manually on the SD card on a PC, however now because of the kernel differences I'm without the lirc_rpi module. Is there an easy way I can get it back - either by manually using the old kernel (but with XBMC and the rest still working) or by getting a new version for the new kernel?

  • I think I just solved it by giving up and reinstalling from scratch. This was a rather old problem, when Raspbmc was in beta or release candidate and not the final version.
    – Adam M-W
    Jun 27, 2013 at 4:15

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I am running Raspbmc with lirc_pi and TSOPxxxx IR receiver connected to GPIO and there have been three automatic updates including a kernel upgragde it still works normally without any change needed. I suggest following

  • Get a backup of your current settings by XBMC backup add-on.
  • Flash sd card manually with last known good version of Raspbmc where your lirc_pi was working fine.
  • Check if lirc_pi module is working as you expect.
  • Let auto update take its cource, you will be at latest release after a few update/reboot cycles with your lirc_pi intact and working fine.

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