I have an old TV that has a composite video connection (analog video) and a USB webcam. I would like to stream videos from the usb webcam on the old TV. I connected and could see kind of booting list on the TV when Raspberry Pi starts, but I could not see any videos from the USB webcam. I also noticed that a LED light on the usb webcam becomes off and TV provides black screen.

When I use HDMI display and Python for webcam display, it successfully works. But when I use a composite output by commenting hdmi_force_hotplug=1, the usb webcam does not work.

Can you help me to make it work?

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Maybe have a read here and use this package instead of the python script. But to answer you question, yes the Webcam can be streamed via composite. You just need the right script, if you post me your script I can try and figure out your problem.

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