according to this video where and how do i connect microphone?
i want to broadcast a microphone talking and music with a mixer


It reads from a wav file, not from a microphone.

Taken from main.c:

Usage: program wavfile.wav [freq] [sample rate] [stereo]

Where wavfile is 16 bit 22.5kHz Stereo. Set wavfile to '-' to use stdin.
freq is in Mhz (default 103.3)
sample rate of wav file in Hz

Play an empty file to transmit silence

You may want to use traditional mic, analogue sources and mixer. Then feed small transmitter which expect signals coming from earphone plug of android phone/mp3 player, etc.


  • got something to try arecord ­fS16_LE ­r 22050 ­Dplughw:1,0 ­ | sudo ./pifm ­ 100.1 22050 waiting to my USB sound card to arrive – SharonHazan Sep 8 '14 at 19:53

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