I am trying to mount a mac share on my Pi with mount_afp. When I try to add permissions when mounting:

sudo mount_afp -o user=pi,group=pi afp://username:password@ ./mydir

I get this error:

FUSE reported the following error:
fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied
Unknown error 1, 13.

I have tried

sudo usermod -aG fuse pi
exec su -l $USER


gpasswd -a pi fuse

If I remove the -o user=pi,group=pi, it will mount but I need to access the directory as root, which I am trying to avoid. Any help is really appreciated.


Here are a sequence of commands that work. 1-4 can be thought of as "setup" commands and 5 can be repeated for the same volume. Recommend using "pi" as the username on the macOS (aka AFP) server to keep confusion down on file ownerships.

  1. sudo apt-get install afpfs-ng -y
  2. sudo apt-get install fuse -y
  3. sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/volName
  4. sudo chown pi:pi /Volumes/volName
  5. afp_client mount -u pi -p piPasswordOnMacServer macServerIPAddress:volName /Volumes/volName

Then to unmount the volume you do a: sudo umount /Volumes/volName


  • volName - is the name of the "share" or volume you want the pi to access on your AFP server
  • piPasswordOnMacServer - the password setup for the "pi" user on the AFP / macOS server

Here is the same thing but getting more towards a script... The installs in #1 & #2 need not be repeated. The single command line for #3 can be used repeatedly with a different volName in your macOS (AFP) server that you want to mount:

  1. sudo apt-get install afpfs-ng -y
  2. sudo apt-get install fuse -y
  3. sudo mkdir -p /Volumes/volName;sudo chown pi:pi /Volumes/volName;afp_client mount -u pi -p piPasswordOnMacServer macServerIPAddress:volName /Volumes/volName

Moving more towards a shell script, change the macServerIPAddress, volName and piPasswordOnMacServer to variables and feed them in as parameters to your shell script.

Very important, do not sudo the afp_client command or you can only access what you mount as root, forcing you to sudo su to use the mounted volume which has a bunch of negative side effects for use on the RBPi

Last note: you can cd /Volumes/ but you cannot then cd /volName/ as it will say no such file or directory. You need to cd /Volumes/volName/ for the illusion to work.

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Here is the solution

sudo mount.cifs //192.168.1.XX/Passport /home/pi/passport -o user=johndoe,nounix,sec=ntlmssp

This mounts a mac share called Passport on 162.168.1.XX to a directory on my pi /home/pi/passport

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  • This is a different approach and not a solution to the actual issue of using mount_afp. – William Cerniuk Jul 5 '19 at 18:15

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