I am using the PiTFT by Adafruit (see product page). It connects as a framebuffer device with 320x240px. I do not need to say that this is a bit low to display full web pages.

Is there a way to create a kind of virtual display that displays 640x480px and scale it down to the display.

  • The text does not need to be readable
  • I already have tried startx -dpi 40 but this only scales down the text.
  • Browser zoom is no alternative as it destroys most pages css

Anyone have some X11 magic for me? Thanks!

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A workaround I did is to connect my little screen using the RCA video, but I'm afraid your screen doesn't have that connection. That way, the rPi sent a signal of 480p screen, even tough my screen is the same resolutions as yours.

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