I'm trying to build a dual-head alarm clock with a raspberry pi (1 pi, 2 display/button stations, 1 for each side of the bed). I was planning on using a pair of these off the composite port:


but the LCD puts out too much light even with an all black screen to be used as an alarm clock. The ideal display would be some sort of OLED-type display where I can turn the brightness down to the point that you couldn't even read it in a well lit room (my wife wants our bedroom absolutely pitch black). It also needs to be something alarm-clock sized, so a least 1 inch tall and 3 inch wide. Any ideas?


Check out PiTFT from Adafruit which connects directly to your GPIO. There is an option to turn off the display via a tactical button. I own one and love it.

PiTFT - Adafruit

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