I've compiled EmulationStation from source rather than download the RetroPie disk image. I've followed these instructions here. However, when I attempt to play a rom, EmulationStation errors out with a

retroarch not found

error. Does this mean I need to install the emulators as well?

Where should I download the emulators? There's only a handful in the Pi Store and I can't find a n64, snes or nes emulator anywhere.

What are the emulators retro pie use?

I only want to emulate:

  • n64
  • snes
  • nes
  • gameboy advance

Where do I find this software?

The reason I've compiled Emulation from source manually for 2 reasons::

1) Already have a bunch of projects on my Pi and I only have 1 micro sd card

2) I only want to play a few systems, not the whole extensive list of consoles that come with retro pie.

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