Is it possible to connect an RFID reader like the Motorola UHF Reader (Motorola FX7400) with Raspberry Pi..?

I just want to know whether these high end systems are compatible with Pi. Mostly NFC (Near Field Communication) based readers are used for developing a prototype, but when it comes to an automated toll gate system where we make use of a PC, can Pi be a replacement provided that a central main server will do the validation and other stuffs and Pi for connecting to RFID reader.??

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    The FX7400 documentation says it's an ethernet device, so it won't matter what you have watching for data. If you are building a toll gate to collect revenue it would make sense to have a fault tolerant server grade system collecting the data. If on the other hand it's a cattle gate where the mission is less critical a pi might be appropriate.
    – Tyson
    Oct 1, 2014 at 12:00

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Yes. You can connect them. I don't see why you would like to, though - the FX7400 has ethernet, and if you have a server grade machine somewhere in the network, it's probably better to let that machine do the job. Otherwise a pi could probably do it, but pis are not manufactured to be part of critical infrastructure.

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