I'm using an edimax ew-7811un and I can connect to my 2.4Ghz access point however I can't seem to see my 5Ghz N-class access point. I was wondering if I needed to configure the pi to enable 5Ghz bandwidth?

My router is dual band and broadcasts 2 SSIDs (networkname-2G and networkname-5G), I also have my nexus 5 connected to the 5G SSID and working fine.

Output from running iwconfig:

IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:"SOMESSID-2G" Nickname:"" Mode:Managed
Frequency:2.412 GHz Access Point: someid
Bit Rate:54 Mb/s Sensitivity:0/0
Retry:off RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off Link Quality=100/100 Signal level=100/100 Noise level=0/100 Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0 Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0



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The Edimax EW-7811UN does not work in 5GHz networks, it is only caable for 2.4GHz (see http://www.cnet.com/products/edimax-ew-7811un-network-adapter/specs/).

  • Ah, indeed! I got caught out by the 802.11n protocol rather than looking at the bandwidth
    – Garbit
    Commented Apr 7, 2015 at 12:19
  • Please set then your issue as solved by this answer. Thanks!
    – bigbang
    Commented Apr 8, 2015 at 6:59

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