I would like to develop a Raspberry PI "music receiver" that would play Airplay audio by default, but if a Bluetooth audio source connected to it - it would use that as the audio source instead of Airplay.

Airplay requires users to be on the same WIFI network, but I would like to allow visitors with Bluetooth phones to be able to send music to my speakers. I am hoping for something automated. It means that I need to detect a Bluetooth audio connection and send a command to switch the audio source for the Airplay receiver software the Bluetooth receiver software. When the Bluetooth connection goes away - revert to the Airplay source.

I am planning on using a USB sound DAC to connect audio out to an amplifier.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Follow these two tutorials here:



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The balena-sound enables you to add multi-room audio streaming via Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify Connect and others to any old speakers or Hi-Fi using just a Raspberry Pi.


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