I would like to have a Raspberry PI with some sort of kiosk-mode. Basically I want it to run a single application and I am trying to determine what is the smallest build that can do that.

I haven't built the application yet so I am open to any suggestions. The application must have a GUI that's not ASCII based.

It seems that any x server takes a lot of space and installs a lot of crapware.

Any suggestions?

  • N.b. "any x server takes a lot of space and installs a lot of crapware" -> You've mistaken the X server for the DE (desktop environment). X alone does not include anything but itself (you get a black screen and a mouse pointer) and is pretty much the minimum requirement for providing a GUI environment. One instance requires ~50 MB RAM. – goldilocks Nov 5 '14 at 8:21
  • Thanks for the replies and clarification. I was indeed confusing X with DE – Victor Hurdugaci Nov 5 '14 at 15:58

Anyway you need any graphical server. X server itself is not so cumbersome as you might think. All detailed instructions you may find in this answer, mentioned by @goldilocks

Also look at RetroPie Project as example, which is based on Raspbian and launches EmulationStation as kiosk app

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