i had connected my RPi to the router via Ethernet cable and had obtained an ip and my labtop connected to the router via wifi and obtained ip

so how can i connect RPi b+ to the labtop via ssh ????

is there any configuration need ?

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    It is unlikely that the IP is Check ifconfig on the Pi (post output if you need help) – Milliways Nov 8 '14 at 1:23

As Saleel said, is most likely the IP for the router (it's an industry standard pretty much).

While your raspi is connected to the router, you can check your router's config page (head to in your browser) and it should list the active clients connected and you'll see the LAN IP for all of them.

Then you'll SSH into you raspi with that IP.


just use another ip than for the RPi because that one is the default of the router


Personally, my router (box) has the ip, so it might be possible to get for a device.

To check the ip address on your Raspberry type

hostname -I

to connect from another computer to the pi:

On a MAC, type


so it may look like :

ssh pi@

On a PC, use putty, link is http://www.putty.org/

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