I have read through the question What power supply should be used for the B+ model? to find the best power supply for the B+. I have read that if you are connecting additional things to the Raspberry Pi, 1.5 A may not be enough.

What reliable power supply can be recommended to buy (preferably 2 A as per the reason above, and 5 V as recommended in multiple sources)? A power supply on Amazon advertises 2 A, but it actually delivers 1.5 A only, as seen by some rather dissatisfied reviewers.

Is there a link or two for where to buy a good power supply for the B+ model?

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I can thoroughly recommend the power supplies provided by The Pi Hut in the UK. They deliver a steady 2A supply and are of very high quality.

  • Agree. I found the Northpole ones on Amazon decent but one seemed to be flakey (corrupting SD cards), the PiHut is rock solid and good value at 5 GBP.
    – Toby
    Commented Apr 13, 2016 at 8:20

This one is clearly one of the best I could find. It's 5.25 V to compensate for the resistance of the cable and is quite practical since it has no cable, but a USB connector that allows you to connect virtually any USB cable you may have, with different output connector.

  • I've had good results with this too - powering a pi, keyboard, and MyPassport USB drive, for instance. Quite possible that was somewhat 'out of spec' on the USB power but it worked.
    – greggo
    Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 2:27

It depends what you are looking for. Recently I read this research, which was very informative for me. If you need high quality audio, I recommend reading this information:


This is not to suggest which models should be promoted, but rather to give an idea what kind of specifications are relevant for a power supply, given a certain application or requirement.

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