I am running Transmission on OpenELEC v4.2.1 on a RPi model B. Every time I reboot the RPi the download location, queue size, download number and all other settings are reset to their default values.

Is there a file I can edit to permanently set my settings?

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The last comment here solved the same problem for me: http://openelec.tv/forum/78-transmission-bt-client/10992-transmission-settings-not-saved?start=45#126954


You should edit the transmission config file, that is usually located in:

  • For the GTK+ client, all settings are kept in $HOME/.config/transmission
  • For the Daemon, all settings are kept in $HOME/.config/transmission-daemon
  • For the CLI, all settings are kept in $HOME/.config/transmission-cli
  • The default download folder is $HOME/Downloads

It's a JSON file, you should edit the download-dir, download-queue-size, and the other related settings.

Refer to this docs for an explanation of all the settings.

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