I would like to create a simple audio player with Python which is controlled with one button. When I press the button the first time, the .wav should begin playing, but how can I stop it when the button is pressed again?

I´m using the command line:

os.system("aplay /sound.wav")

I tried it also with pygame, that worked, but when the Pi ran longer then 6 hours it played a teribble noise.


Read up on subprocess.popen... in https://docs.python.org/3/library/subprocess.html?highlight=subprocess.popen#subprocess.Popen

But a simple way using import os is: (I used ping rather than aplay for testing, as it also runs 'forever') the close kills the subprocess.

import os
# do what you need to do to sense the button pushed 
p = os.popen('ping')
# do what you need to do to sense the button pushed 

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