RPi can access smb://$server/$share no problem through file manager

RPi can not resolve //$server/$share

RPi can not ping/nslookup //$server/$share

RPi can ping IP address of //$server

Looking like a DNS issue. How would I go about resolving this? Don't want to specify WINS or a DNS server.

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installing these helps resolve windows hostnames:

sudo apt-get install samba winbind
sudo nano /etc/nsswitch.conf 

and change 'hosts: files dns' TO 'hosts: files wins dns'

if your rpi is on a static ip you may have to add the dns server in the /etc/resolve.conf


I would not expect //$server/$share to resolve as a host name using DNS or WINS. $server is (presumably) the host name. It looks like you can ping it by name (e.g. ping server) by omitting the $share and extraneous '/' portions of the commands that fail, so you are getting name resolution. That would be the expected result.

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