What version of Python does the last Raspbian Wheezy comes with?

In LXTerminal I ask for version 3 (python3) and says it is already installed, but when I check (python) it says that the latest is 2.7.3

  • try python3 - v to print the version and which pyhton3 to get the path to python3. the python 2.7 equivalent is python -v and which python. – Steve Robillard Dec 18 '14 at 21:12


  • 2->Python 2.7.3
  • 3->Python 3.2.3


  • 2->Python 2.7.8
  • 3->Python 3.4.2

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I saw Python information v2, and v3. However, in Wheezy the latest version is 3.2. I wanted to install Python 3.4.2, but apt-get install python3 answer that it was already installed.

I ask for python3, and the answer is Python 3.4.2. This worked for me.

Sorry for my English.

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