I'm trying to boot the RasPi using specific files. I was following a tutorial and I had to compile some files using GCC. The problem is that this process doesn't provide a 'img' file and I don't know how to try the code in my RasPi.

The code I'm trying is this .

To give you an example, the result of the GCC is: '.bin, .elf, .hex, .list and .o'. How can I run the code? Thanks for your response.

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What you appear to be doing is called bare metal programming, i.e. programming a box without having an operating system in charge.

If you Google Raspberry Pi bare metal you may find suitable examples.

http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/projects/raspberrypi/tutorials/os/introduction.html is a series of tutorials on bare metal with the Pi. It seems to be more orientated to assembler rather than C. However both C and assembler still need the same files on the Pi's SD card to boot. It should give you the information you need.

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