I have connected Raspberry Pi to GSM sim900a mini with the following details:

  • convertor max3232 used
  • DB9-2 sim900a connected to DB9-3 max3232
  • DB9-3 sim900a connected to DB9-2 max3232
  • tx (raspberry) connected to tx (max3232)
  • rx (raspberry) connected to rx (max3232)

But there's no respond through miniterm.py as I run the command below:

sudo miniterm.py /dev/ttyAMA0

I don't Know why the transfer (send/transfer) is not working.

Sim900A MAX3232

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I have figured out that I can connect to the Raspberry using the UART interface directly. I was using the rs232.The problem is solved then.


have you set baud rate i think 9600,

I don't have idea about miniterm.py, but try to install minicom.

then minicom -s for setting all configuration

and then save as default and then go on, I set up is fine..

and also have you enabled uart in your pi?? if no follow www.robot-electronics.co.uk/files/rpi_serial_setup.doc.

  • Thank you RahulAN for your reply. Yes the baud rate is 9600. And the uart is enabled. I have found my problem and will post the answer soon.
    – Maria
    Commented Jan 3, 2015 at 12:53

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