I'm looking for a wireless button solution to send signals to my raspberry pi (model B).

The setup is as following; I have a lifx light bulb and I'm able to control with the smartphone app and through my raspberry pi (through a local website or just commands). Problem is that I want to be able to control it with a physical button (without turning it off completely so not a normal light-switch).

So I'd like to have a wireless button that can send a signal to my raspi where I can process it. I'm guessing I'm looking for a remote control that can connect with a GPIO receiver? Does anybody know any good senders and/or receivers that work with a raspi? Relatively new to this so I don't really know what to look for or what's good/bad. A sender with multiple buttons or even a fader would be even better.

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Have a look at this 434 MHz Receiver/Transmitter

You can build your remote with an Arduino clone and buttons/potentiometers/rotary encoders.


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