Is there any program like popcorn-time for Raspberry Pi?

I have an openelec installed in a Raspberry Pi B+ and I am trying to find a program/plug-in in order to steam movies or other TV series.


Not necessarily apropos to advocate for this, but there are a lot of Kodi/XBMC addons available at TV Addons. Your mileage may vary, but I've heard positive things about the following addons, available through the process of setting up your Kodi system by installing the addons from there:

  • Genesis
  • Icefilms
  • Navi-X
  • ProjectFreeTV

These are listed in the order that many would consider to be the most useful. By far the most chaotic and difficult-to-use would be Navi-X, and the easiest and most "download-friendly" would be Genesis.

Again, as in all things, YMMV and if you do choose to go down the road of installing these addons, don't tell anyone that I sent you, because I am specifically telling you not to. Now, whether you ignore that advice is on you.


The Pulsar addon can stream torrents:

Pulsar is an torrent finding and streaming engine. It doesn't go on torrent websites for legal reasons. However, it calls specially crafted addons (called providers) that are installed separately. They are normal XBMC addons, and thus can be installed/updated/distributed just like any other addon.

As I want to honor the Pulsar's author decision to make it absolutely legal, I won't include here the links to the providers of the sites that Popcorn Time uses. Sorry.

Anyway, in the end, after googling a bit and installing the those providers, Pulsar will be able to play the torrents from the exact same sources that Popcorn Time does.

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