I installed OpenCV on my Raspberry, I wrote the first sample program (http://docs.opencv.org/doc/tutorials/introduction/display_image/display_image.html). It compile correctly, but if executed from Code::Blocks it gave an error because miss an argument that must be given from CLI.

./First image.jpg

The program should only show an image in a window. The problem is that when I try to execute it from CLI I get an error.

./First: error while loading shared libraries: cv2.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

What should I do? Where could I find cv2.so?

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cv2.so should be someplace within the build directory. You can use find <build folder> -name cv2.so to locate it.

In order to get ./First image.jpg to run sucessfully you'll need to ensure that the binary knows where it can find the library file. You can do this two ways:

  • Any binary under linux automatically looks in the current directory for its dynamic libraries. By making a symlink from cv2.so to the directory the binary is in, ln -s ~/path/to/cv2.so ., it will be found.
  • Instead of making the library be the binary it will look, you can tell the binary to look someplace else by using the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment argument, e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/path/to/ ./First image.jpg.

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