I have installed shairport on my raspberry pi by following various instructions but mainly from this:


I would now like to know how to uninstall it but reversing the process does not seem to work. I also set it up to run automatically.

How do I completely remove shairport?


Did you try using dpkg to uninstall this package?

sudo dpkg -r shairport

If the boot script isn't automatically removed:

sudo chkconfig shairport off


sudo update-rc.d -f shairport remove

Also don't forget to remove this line in crontab (crontab -e):

* * * * * root /bin/sh /root/shairport-watchdog.sh > /dev/null

when you followed the instructions of this blog you can undo your steps like this:

  1. remove shairport from boot scripts:

    sudo update-rc.d -f shairport remove

  2. remove the init file

    sudo rm /etc/init.d/shairport

  3. find the shairport program

    sudo find /usr -name 'shairport'

    the result will be in /usr/local/bin or /usr/sbin

  4. delete the program

    sudo rm /path/to/file/shairport

  5. search for soruces of shairport

    sudo find / -name 'shairport'

  6. delete sources

    sudo rm -r /path/to/sources

maybe it is not recommented to purge the prereqirements you found in the blog post, becasue they might be used by other

i found the informations in this Blog post:


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