short story

I browse file on SD card from my windows box, but was unable to see any files related to home dir of the new user I create.

long story

I tought I lost pi's passwd. my first idea was to move SD card to my windows, browse files up to /etc/passwd (/etc/shadow) and change password field. (I have recovered the password now, the question is no longer about recovering).

I manage to open boot.tar.xz and root.tar.xz, but was unable to see my account in /etc/passwd.

So here is the question where are raspian files(*) located ?

are there any ways to find or edit them from windows ?

(*) actual /etc/passwd, home dir of foo user.

(I am also not so sure about actual tag for this question)

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The Pi has two disk partitions on the SD card (possibly more if you use NOOBS, I don't know).

/boot is where the boot information and kernel image is located. This partition is formatted as FAT and is understood by Windows.

/ (the rest) is formatted as ext4 and is where everything else resides. Windows does not understand the ext4 partition. Some 3rd party software available for Windows might.

Find a Linux box or boot your PC from a "live" Linux CD to gain access to the / ext4 partition.

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