Can anyone suggest me how to display Kannada fonts using TFT display.

How do I convert English to Kannada fonts?


This may help (source - Kannada Fonts for Linux (Ubuntu))

Searching Kannada fonts for Ubuntu. I have recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 and faces issues with Kannada fonts, the kannada fonts are not rendered properly on firefox.

  1. Uninstall free fonts that came with ubuntu which is main cause for most of the font problems.

    cd /usr/share/fonts/truetypesudo rm -rf free-fonts

  2. Install the kannada fonts which may or may not have installed on your Ubuntu by default.

    sudo apt-get install ttf-kannada-fonts

  3. Mallige fonts will be installed in ttf-kannada-fonts directory, which does not render properly, remaining fonts will be enough for working with kannada on Ubuntu. So removed Mallige fonts.

    cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-kannada-fonts

    rm -f Malige-*.*

Update the font cache by running the below command

sudo fc-cache -fv


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