how can I install php5-readline in raspbian? its not in the repos. And not in the debian repos with Wheezy arm support.

Update: November 2015

I abandoned Raspbian and moved to Pidora, which seems to have solved all the issues. :)

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You could download the package (for later versions of Debian) from https://packages.debian.org/jessie/php5-readline , and then try and install that. This sometimes works, but may fail due to missing/outdated dependencies (dependencies are also linked on that page). You can install the packages using dpkg -i FILE.deb (you may also be able to use gdebi FILE.deb.

See also: Dependency Hell, and this question, but don't run sudo apt-get upgrade

  • but that is for php 5.6, the php version in Raspbian is 5.4. :/
    – Nicekiwi
    Commented Feb 13, 2015 at 1:04

php5-readline is now in the standard Raspbian repo for users running Jessie. It can be installed with the command, sudo apt-get install php5-readline -y.

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