I am a Python noob, and recently purchased a 2 channel relay module from sunfounder. I wired it up to my Pi, and the relay turned on and stays on. I am wondering if any one can provide my with the simplest Python code to flip the relay on and off.

Extra Info: I am connected to pins 2 (5V), 6 (Ground), and 9 (Ground) on a Raspberry Pi Model B.

I followed the instructions


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First off, your pins are messed up - so you need to connect the Vcc to a 5V pin and the GND to a ground pin. Then you connect your two relays to a GPIO pin. For instance, I connected my two to GPIO 2 and 3. Then use the python scripts supplied by "skiwithpete" on YouTube, see this video Raspberry Pi: 16 Channel Relay how to with example software for automation projects.

  • I have taken the liberty of adding the links to which I believe you are referring to. Please correct me if I am wrong. Feb 1, 2016 at 9:26

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