recently I thought about making a streaming camera with my Pi and a Logitech C615 I had, so I followed a tutorial on MAKE.com, but I haven't been able to get it streaming properly. I'm up to the point where I should begin streaming, but I always get the error:

ERROR opening V4L interface: No such file or directory
Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal
i: init_VideoIn failed

when I run

./mjpg_streamer  -i "./input_uvc.so" -o "./output_http.so -w ./www" &

Any suggestions? Honestly, my Pi experience has been a total nightmare getting anything useful working, so I might just chunk mine. Thanks!

  • Might be that you don't have sufficient privileges. Try running it with sudo e.g. sudo ./mjpg_streamer -i "./input_uvc.so" -o "./output_http.so -w ./www" & – Bex Feb 18 '15 at 8:55
  • @Bex I'll give that a whirl. – Keaton Burleson Feb 18 '15 at 22:13
  • @Bex, ok so, now I get a 404 error on the image. – Keaton Burleson Feb 18 '15 at 22:16
  • On what image? What is the error? – Bex Feb 23 '15 at 6:16

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