I would like to have two different desktop configurations based on whether I am sitting at my RPi or connected through a VNC. I've got remote access set up according to these instructions and I have done nothing to the default window environment other than add a second panel and a few desktop shortcuts.

I would like to have a minimal and separate desktop configuration for the VNC connection. I have perused the general information on lxsession and lxpanel on the LXDE wiki page; however it's not clear to me how I tell the VNC (at startup with the vncserver :2 -geometry... or perhaps in $HOME/.vnc/xstartup) that I want a different profile to be used.

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One solution, which I do not find very elegant, is to create a new user and start vncserver under that account. The benefits of this approach is that it avoids messing with the configuration files (and, at present, it's the only way I've gotten it to work...); however I suspect it will not be of much assistance when I move from a test-bed (starting the server when needed) to a production-level solution (starting the server at boot).

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