I've got a 4-channel 12-bit ADC "Mikroe340" from Mikroelektronika (datasheet). I'm wondering how to wire it with GPIO.



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What an odd board. I'd have just gone for a MCP3204 and stuck it in a breadboard - but I'm strictly a hobbyist.

I'd set the DIP switches for a PIC so 1 on, 4 on, 6 on, others off.

That will connect MISO to P4, MOSI to P5, and SCLK to P3.

So the Pi connections to make would be

          Pi         340   Function
(gpio 10) Pin 19     P5    MOSI
(gpio 9)  Pin 21     P4    MISO
(gpio 11) Pin 23     P3    SCLK
(gpio 8)  Pin 24     CS    chip select
          Pin 1      VCC   VCC (3V3 as Pi gpios can't handle 5V)
          Pin 6      GND   Ground

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