My TV - an Indian manufacturer called Micromax (http://www.snapdeal.com/product/micromax-50b5000fhd-50-inches-full/1405132060#bcrumbSearch:micromax%20tv)

when i connect the Raspberry Pi 2 flashed with OSMC to my HDMI port using a BlueRigger HDMI cable - the TV first senses it as a 1366*768 display out and sometimes mistakes it as a DVI! (it says so when the screen is booting up)

I think this is an issue with the TV, rather than the Pi, i connect my MacBook thru HDMi and have to adjust display Res to 1080p thru System Preferences

Does any one know what the problem is? Why this is happening? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Edit /boot/config.txt and try;


There's some official documentation about this here. Although you did not say what actually happens after "first senses it as..." my thinking is that if the display then declares that resolution via EDID then you may end up with the wrong thing, but this should force 1080p mode.

You probably also want:


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