I am trying to use wicd-curses to connect my raspberry pi to a wifi network, and for that I am accessing the pi through ssh having it connected to the wifi network created by my iphone. The thing is that as soon as I try to connect to the other wifi network, the connection with my iPhone's network is lost and I think that this terminates the process of connecting to the new network and it gets stuck. Is there any way to avoid this?


You can use

nohup mycommand &

The tool nohup is exactly made for this purpose.


Mosh is what I've used. It is designed for exactly this use case. I use it on a laptop that switches networks all the time: public, VPN, wired, 4g. So long as your packets can get there, mosh will reconnect seamlessly.

Additionally, on the host itself, screen is incredibly useful for use cases where you need to start a long running process but might need to disconnect and want to check back on it later. I use this to stay logged into IRC on my pi, for example, so I can log IRC and rejoin the discussion at any point.

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