I'm trying to utilize the BCM2835's BSC/SPI slave peripheral to use the Pi as an effective I2C slave, however I've been running across some segmentation faults when I try to write to the configuration register to enable the slave. Examination with gdb shows that the issue occurs when Mike M is trying to run the following assembly:

mov r10,#0               \n\
mcr p15,0,r10, c7, c10, 5\n\
ldr %[ret], [%[paddr]]   \n\
mcr p15,0,r10, c7, c10, 5\n"
: [ret] "=r" (ret) : [paddr] "r" (paddr) : "r10", "memory" );

While it's worked thus far for all of his code, I'm having issues hooking onto that. Is there any reason why I should still worry about the memory barriers that his code offers? And additionally, is there any other way I can view and manipulate the register values with memory barriers other than the ones he's got?

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