I am currently playing around with a Trust WB-1400T webcam. While this is "unsupported", I got it to work with motion.

After a couple of hours of playing, I noticed that motion failed to connect to the device a lot. I decided to move my camera from the "original" raspberry pi USB ports to my connected hub. (This is stupid, as this is not a powered hub). However, the camera was not detected!

I tried the following:

  • Reboot ("Panic" solution)

  • lsusb doesn't show my webcam

  • modprobe gspca_main (this was the mod used) doesnt work
  • dmesg doesn't show anything when removing/readding my webcam
  • Connected the cam to another box which uses arch. Is detected after using lsusb.
  • Removed all devices from usb. Another lsusb. Failed.

Any ideas how this is possible? Clearly, the webcam is not broken as it is detected on my arch box.

Everything is up to date.

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Motion is the culprit. It works for different times for different users, then disconnects from cam. It happened to me also, so I googled for a solution and there are lots of people having the same problem. Requests from the author of Motion results in nothing


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