I have a new Raspberry Pi 2 with the latest version of Raspbian OS. I launched the Pi and noticed that the menu bar is on the top, which I do not like. Is there a way to move it to the bottom of the screen like a Windows OS or OSX?

  • For future reference, GNU/Linux systems are heterogeneous when it comes to the desktop, and the default used on Raspbian is LXDE. You can use something else if you want, but more importantly, if you are using it and you are looking for information, remember to include "LXDE" when searching online.
    – goldilocks
    Apr 4, 2015 at 8:55
  • ...Also I'm sure there's a way to move it where ever you want, but I don't know what it is for LXDE. The more generic term for menu/task bars is "panel".
    – goldilocks
    Apr 4, 2015 at 8:59

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Right click the menu bar and choose a new position in the Geometry tab of panel settings.

This is also worth a read as to why its on the top.


  • +1 But wow: I despise programmers/designers justifying themselves with excessive psychologism and pretending the subjective is objective. "Right" vs. "wrong" in the position of a task bar is a new low. I do not "instinctively" look in the top left corner and even if I did, it does not mean everything in life should be piled there and/or that as a user I should be reduced to pure instinct. IMO just plain NO TASK BAR is the "right" way to style a GUI interface, and Simon Long should stick to math or whatever it is he's actually good at. $0.02
    – goldilocks
    Apr 4, 2015 at 8:47

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