I have hit a wall with regard to this issue and I have no inkling whatsoever as to what might have happened. Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.

I connect to my Raspberry Pi 2 over the network, SSH-ing into it. Today, I tried upgrading the from the wheezy version to Jessie by changing the /etc/apt/sources.list file and using apt-get dist-upgrade. Installation finished normally, with no exceptions. I restarted the Pi and now I can't seem to SSH into it anymore. Trying to ping it returns a request timeout message. I don't have a display to connect my raspberry pi to, so I don't have anymore information to give regarding this issue, only that I can't even ping it anymore! I apologize for the clueless post, but I really can't think of where to even begin troubleshooting.

Any ideas?

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First, check if it's booting and reaching the network. It may just have a different ip, depending how your network is set up.

nmap is a great linux tool for finding ip's of devices on the local network. Type


in your command line to list all devices on your network with last 3 digits 1-255. From here, you should see your pi. If you are unable to locate it, there may be an issue while booting and a directly connected display may be needed.

Also, if you are using wifi to connect, double check to make sure your drivers are still installed and working. If you are able to find it, it should be as easy as changing the address you are using ssh to reach.

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