I am interested in using a camera module that is said to use a serial LVDS-camera interface. I want to use the grayscale version (VM-010-BW-LVDS) of following camera product:

VM-010: phyCAM-S camera module, WVGA monochrome

The specs regarding data format say 8 bit serial, with Y8 interface-mode. I need to get the images from this camera to my C++ code with OpenCV. I want to use this specific camera because it has an external trigger and can directly output very low resolution which is what I need.

May I ask someone to point me into the right direction where to begin with the camera? Or, rather than only pointing, I would very much appreciate an overview of a possible interface design with some notes for a very beginner in this field. I am a JavaScript developer and C++ is my hobby only so far. Thanks!

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