I have a VGA screen I want to buy for the raspberry pi. However since the pi 2 only has hdmi I need a converter. Do you think this will work? Also is there anyway I could use an RCA screen to connect to the Pi?


The adapter you show works (potential quality issues aside as always with cheap ebay cables). If you want to connect an RCA screen - the pi 2 no longer has a dedicated RCA out (the yellow terminal on the pi A/B) but has integrated the RCA video out into the stereo jack. You need a cable like this and then you have sound & video out via RCA. You can either buy one, or perhaps you have a camcorder that already came with such a cable - they are commonly used for camcorders and other small video devices.

  • cable should be okay, although you won't get audio
  • original raspberry pi has rca output, maybe you want to look into that

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