I am new to Pi and I have a noob question. I want to transfer the videos and images I have captured with raspberry pi to my computer. What is the safest way to transfer just the images from the SD card of the raspberry pi?

Thank you for your help.

  • Hello and welcome! What do you mean by "safest"? – Ghanima Apr 28 '15 at 20:17

There are a number of possibilities. You can install support for ext4 on OSX and plug in the SD Card. A better solution would be to install netatalk on the Pi which will allow you to connect from your Mac using Finder over your LAN. Search this site for netatalk for more detail.

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I would call power cycling the rpi the second least data-integraty-safe thing you could do to it (high load beeing the worst). nice-ed rsync/ssh would be the safest for data-integraty and transmission-privacy. Both OS X and raspbian support disk encription, and backup software if you want them

nice rsync --bwlimit=5000 --exclude '*thumbs*' -a -v -u pi@ ~/Documents/rpi_img
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