I just bought a Raspberry Pi B+ model and i am trying to load SNAPPY UBUNTU CORE using it. I have followed the instructions and wrote the ubuntu core into a 32gb SD Card. But it seems the Pi could not load it. All i could see is a rainbow colored screen and it is getting looped again and again. Please help!

For Reference, Please see the video here.


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As far as I know, Ubuntu Snappy only works on a Raspberry Pi 2, not on a Raspberry Pi B+. See here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/snappy/ enter image description here


It is now 2017 and the Ubuntu core has an image for the Raspberry Pi 3.



You cannot use Snappy Core on the B+; it is compiled for the ARMv7 Pi 2. The B+ is ARMv6.

As far as I am aware, Ubuntu does not have any ARMv6 distributions.

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