I want to make my raspberry pi to automate GT6 B-spec when I am away from my PS3 however, I cannot find a way how to get my raspberry pi to act as a PS3 controller (I have only found how to use my ps3 controller with my RPI).

Is there a way how to do this or not? If there isn't how would I sniff the bluetooth packets and clone them with my RPI?


From what I could google, it looks like you have to write this yourself. However, check out the library published here: https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0/wiki/PS3-Information. This is a library to allow connection of a PS3 controller to an Arduino using a shield, but it gives both details on the packets being sent/received as well as specific links to a more detailed explanation of the protocol, and bluetooth packet sniffer app suggestions (Mac and PC).

Specifically, it says:

For information about the Bluetooth Protocol. See this pdf: https://www.bluetooth.org/docman/handlers/downloaddoc.ashx?doc_id=229737

Take a good look at the categories: "HCI COMMANDS AND EVENTS" Volume 2 p. 458, "HCI ACL Data Packets" Volume 2 p.428 and "SIGNALING PACKET FORMATS" Volume 3 p. 54.

See this pdf, for standard BT HID Commands, used by the program, at "Bluetooth HID L2CAP Protocol Specification" p. 50.

I used this program to sniff the Bluetooth Commands sent from my mac: PacketLogger.app. It is developed by apple, so it is mac only! If you are on a mac, this is what the program decoded: PS3Controller_Protocol.pklg

The Protocol and Service Multiplexor (PSM) used by the L2CAP Protocol (HID_Control and HID_Interrupt), are defined here: http://www.bluetooth.org/Technical/AssignedNumbers/logical_link.htm.

  • Thats good it's on a Mac since I only have a Mac and a RPI. I shall try it out in my spare time.
    – iProgram
    Apr 30 '15 at 18:46

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