I would like to install gns3 on my Raspberry Pi and wonder if it is possible? I can not find a distribution that supports it, but wonder if anyone has done this or knows a link to a site or group who has done it. My search on Google didn't give much help.

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GNS3 shows in the raspbian repo, but dynamips seems to be missing. A quick google search indicates that there are some issues due to the ARM architecture of the RPi affecting performance. Raspbian seems to lack libpcap-devel which is a dependency for compiling from source. Somebody on the RPi forum has indicated success with dynamips.

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    "libpcap-devel" doesn't sound like a package name from a debian-based distro. I presume the debian/raspbian equivilent is libpcap-dev which does exist in raspbian. Oct 17, 2015 at 4:06

Here is the solution. Install Ubuntu-mate to be able to install GNS3. Below you will find a reference link created by Jason C. Neumann who explains how you can run routers using dynamips or an operating system using qemu.

Reference Link: https://www.gns3.com/discussions/how-to-install-gns3-1-3-7-on-the

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