Has anyone tried to use Atlas Scientific Raspberry Pi Rapid Development Shield:

enter image description here

Can this shield run two(2) sensors at the same time(i.e., Thermometer probe and pH probe) and read both inputs?

here is the link for the product:


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My guess is not. Serial ports usually only allow for one connection through a given port, and the datasheet seems to suggest that it's only meant for one device to be plugged in at a given time (notice the datasheet consistently says 'or').

If you want a definitive answer, I'd suggest contacting the company directly since their documentation is rather sparse.

  • Yes I did sent an email to the manufacturer, he actually said a big YES. I wonder it really does work. I guess I'll just google it or something. Or maybe somebody here already used it. I'll wait for more answers. Thank you for your answer. May 19, 2015 at 22:29

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