I no longer need the option to boot different operating systems and want to overcome Berryboot's firmware/kernel update limitations.

Could I simply replace the current FAT boot partition with a regular/vanilla one?

  • You may be able to. Make a backup of your SD card so if you make any mistake you can revert back to the original. Sorry I can't say if this works differently. Thats because I don't use berryboot myself. Just that this may help you to seed up finding the answer.
    – iProgram
    May 30, 2015 at 17:02

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I worked it out. I set up a blank SD card with proper partitions using gparted. I copied the boot files from another Pi 2 to the boot partition, I booted my berryboot setup with the new SD card in a card reader in one of the USB ports. I copied (cp -pdRx) the running OS partition to the blank one (rsync would have worked as well).

I only had to enter the proper network settings in /etc/network/interfaces.

I ran into some minor problems which stemmed from having run rpi-update before and thus having created an inconsistent setup (rpi-update cannot really write to the boot partition in a berryboot setup). Running rpi-update again in the new non-berryboot environment fixed this

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