Ihave two raspberry PI's one is a B+ and the other is a model 2. My problem is this with the B+ connected I can move files from my windows computer to the PI with no trouble but when I connect the model 2 I can no longer transfer files my windows pc tell me I don't have authorization or privilege to do that. My B+ is running raspbmc and the model 2 is running Xbian when the model 2 is connected I can see all the files I just can't do anything with them. Any help would be appreciated.


The user you are logged into on your model 2 doesn't have permissions on the files you see. Check which user owns them, and if they have read/write access. You can change this by logging on with the user that does have access to them and using chmod or chown (Or GUI equivalent settings)



Try who to see who is logged in and then run ls -l within the directory which the files you want to transfer are located. If the permissions differ, then try sudo chmod "the_permissions_needed" to get the right clearance for your logged in user.

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